Open Sky House Trippilya, close to Kiev

John David offers a Summer Retreat each year and regular weekends
The Open Sky Retreat Centre is Located at the banks to the river Dnepr

Summer Holiday Retreat in Denia, South Spain


In this retreat John David will guide you to a deep meeting with yourself beyond roles, thoughts and feelings. A journey into your heart and into your essence.   

Weekend Special: 
Tantra Workshop with Turiya. Love and honour yourself and your sexual nature as a man or woman and celebrate your sensitivity, sensuality and innocence. 


  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Mantra Singing with Life Music
  • Satsang with John David
  • Evening Program with Satsang, Theater, Meditation or Films




1.090€ whole retreat
870 € Concession/Sangha 
660 € Student
590 € one week
220 € birth weekend   



This 16 day retreat will be held in the Open Sky Villa in Denia, near Valencia in Spain. The location is a stunning old villa situated in a lush and spacious tropical paradise with palm trees and a huge swimming pool only a 3-minute walk to the Mediterranean. 

Summer Retreat

Silent Spring Retreat

Satsang Contact : Indira

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