You are invited to come and visit the Open Sky House Community as a volunteer or guest! 

The first week is for free!

Join the field of Silence

The inner silence gets supported by 3 meditation times per day, weekly Satsang with John David,

there is the possibility to book a single session with John David.

Peace and Silence

 7:30 –   8:30h

Yoga and Silent Sitting

13:30 – 14:00h

Silent Sitting

19:00 – 19:45h

Dinner in Silence

Discover Yourself

In Silence we get in touch with Creativity, Playfulness and our inherent Love. At Open Sky House we encourage all our qualities and Inspiration to be expressed. Regularly we come together for different activities. 



John David is offering Satsang every week in which we explore the Truth of our being. In Open Dialogues we are lovingly supported to uncover our Self from the layers of conditioning, to return to our true nature. 


Discover your playfulness and power and let everything in you become alive. Authentic Theater is a space to explore inner and outer worlds. Unexpected scenes are played from the aliveness of the actors. Once a week with Indira

Tantra Touch

In a space of safety and support and with lots of curiosity we explore how to become more authentic in intimate meetings. We open to a more heartful and deeper contact with each other and ourselves and allow ourselves clear communication. Once a week with Turiya.


The Open Sky Band is regularly chanting the great Indian devotional mantras. Through chanting we open our heart and open in ourselves to a space of great joy, love and peace. 

Karma Yoga 
Step into the Flow

Open Sky House is open to everybody, who wants to look inside. Karma Yoga is a wonderful way to open your heart, get to know the community and let go of the every day thoughts and concerns. You can discover what a great experience it is to work hand in hand with others and offer your care and energy to the every day flow of the community.    
   As the physical place needs care and attention, the community needs people who like to work and support through their involvement.
    Fields of work are: Support in the kitchen, preparing guest rooms, help in the garden, handyman jobs, special projects, e.g. research, technical support at events and much more.
We are looking for motivated and self-sufficient people with a practical and flexible attitude who will support 6 hours a day. 

Come as a guest

As a hotel guest, you have the opportunity to join the full program of meditations and activities. You come to us as in the room category of your choice and receive a price reduction for the accommodation and pay a contribution for the 3 vegetarian meals per day.

Buddy Support

When you want to know more about yourself, the community can support your  inner search. Next to many silent activities we offer “Buddy support” by a community member to share your inner process and ask questions. You can stay for several weeks.

The Sangha...

... is a community of people who have the perfect right to cut through your trips and feed you with their wisdom, as well as the perfect right to demonstrate their own neurosis and be seen through by you.    
   The companionship within the Sangha is a kind of clean friendship – without expectation, without demand, but at the same time, fulfilling. True Sangha is only possible within a container of love, intimacy and trust. It takes commitment, willingness, time and patience to create this much-needed environment. 

Chögyam Trungpa

The International Sangha Group is a group of people who have committed themselves to work more closely with John David and with each other. This group meets four times a year at Open Sky House Hitdorf near Cologne and is open for new people.

The Sangha Group members come together because Truth is the first priority in their lives. The point of this Sangha is to be a constant reminder for each other and to awaken to our True Nature. 


As the Sangha people are really interested in Truth, joining the Sangha Group is a wonderful support.


The whole point of the Sangha is to work on yourself. Deciding to make a commitment to this inner work is a deep decision, which doesn’t much involve the mind. We know there will be tough moments on that journey and then it is a tremendous support to feel a connection to other people in the Sangha, and for that we need an open heart.

Without this loving environment, which is a fertile environment for trust, it is not so easy. In the society there isn’t any support to become more trusting. In fact the energy is the other way.

Open Sky Community

It is possible that the next Buddha will not take the form of an individual. The next Buddha may take the form of a community practicing understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living. This may be the most important thing we can do for the survival of the earth” .                           

~ Thich Nhat Hanh  


The whole idea of this community is for people to come together who really want to become Free. So the first step is to decide if you really want to become Free. And if you do want to be free then you’ll say to yourself, ‘Okay, I’m here, I’m going to give this a go…’


To live in a community, with other people around, has the advantage of constant energetic support. If you are someone who sees the benefit in getting support to see the structures of your mind then, as an alternative to a cave, I would say that spiritual community within society is quite a good option.
   Of course the whole effort is to come to silence. A spiritual community provides the space and encouragement for you to become aware of the unconscious mind structures that govern your life.
For example, if you have the idea ‘I’m not intelligent enough’ then in the workings of daily life you’re confronted with this idea and encouraged to become aware of its affects.
  By looking at these structures and shining light on them we begin to be less affected by them. This is the transformation that you’re talking about. The movement is to become more and more open and aware so that these old structures are no longer what we identify with.


Most of us are wounded by our conditioning. Working together in a community provides many mirrors that offer us the chance to see ourselves, to know who we are. Interactions with people who are also interested in knowing themselves provide a profound mirror in which we can see all the things we are not, which is not always comfortable. In this process, we then have the opportunity to see who we really are. This mirroring is one of the greatest values of community life.

Love in Action

Some years ago in our community, Open Sky House, we made a decision that we would like to be self-supporting. It’s rather a powerful situation because it means that the community has its destiny in its own hands, you could say. 
 From that decision we developed four businesses: a seminar business, a guesthouse, an art gallery and a publishing company. Inevitably, that creates a busy, getting-things-done environment. 
    We also have three periods of meditation each day, and then often in the evenings we have some meetings. So there’s a lot of impetus to be silent and at the same time there is a lot of busy-ness involved in running the businesses. 
  But whatever we are doing, our focus is to investigate, without judgement or expectation, the reality of our inner life. We begin to see just how brilliant the mind is in creating worries, fears, anxiety and desires.