Winter Retreat

19 Dec - 9 Jan
Open Sky House 
Hitdorf, near Cologne

Give yourself space to withdraw from the patterns and demands of daily life in an energy field of silence, love and creativity.

This intimate retreat suits everybody who wants to spend the winter time in silence, celebration and community and nourish the deepest and real part in us. 

Since 20 years John David is guiding people to a deep meeting with themselves beyond roles, thoughts and feelings.
     He answers your innermost questions and brings you on a journey into your heart, your essence.

John David

Daily Program

  • Satsang with John David
  • Mantra singing with Live Music
  • Yoga and Meditation

Specials of the Weeks

1. Week

  • Self Inquiry intensive day
  • Christmas Dinner
  • Christmas Cabaret

Celebrate Live with your whole Being

2. Week

  • Gayatri Mantra Night on New Years Eve
  • Vipassana Island Day
  • Silent Walk along the Rhine

Allow yourself to fall deeply into silence

3. Week

  • Conscious Touch
  • 5 Rhythm Dance Evening
  • Energy Darshan Celebration

Get in touch with your Essence


1st week: Sat 19 Dec – Sat 26 Dec
2nd week: Sat 26 Dec – Sat 2 Jan
3rd week: Sat 2 Jan – Sat 9 Jan 
Book 1 week = 600€
If you book 2 weeks = 990€
If you book 3 weeks = 1290€
Its possible to apply for a 20% concession
John David Satsang
Contact Indira
Mobile and WhatsApp: 0049 178 289 0814

We look forward to celebrate with you from Silence!


Open Sky House 
Rheinstr. 54
51371 Leverkusen