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Spiritual Teachings from the Hearth of Satsang

Blog Articels about Truth. You will find touching Storys out of John Davids live and strong Moments with other Teachers. Every Article contains a Spiritual Teaching and the chance to look inside deeper.

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John David – Spiritual Teacher

Spiritual Teachings

Papaji Answers a Magazines Questions

What is enlightenment?
‘I am bound’ is a concept that everyone has clung to [but] he cannot show any chains or fetters by which he is bound. This is his concept. He must have been told by someone, or read some books, or heard from his parents or priests or preachers who told him that everyone is a sinner and is bound. [That] he has to go to church and pray [to] God to forgive him. The preacher promises that after death he will go to heaven and enjoy [life there] for a long time.

An Open Heart Is Beautiful – be a Knower,a Jnani

We all know it’s beautiful when the heart opens and the tears flow, and the love is gushing out. What more could we want at that time? Because when we are in that type of love – which is devotion itself – there’s almost no mind. The mind just disappears in that love and in that devotion, but as one teacher said to me, “And in that place no one wants to enquire.”

Osho´s dentist left his Body

Devageet – Osho’s personal dentist recently left his body. He wrote this poem after having been diagnosed with cancer. He was a giant made of gold who left this world a better place through the richness of his generous sharing… I bow down in gratitude to his roaring sprit..

Diamond Thief

There was a diamond thief who thought to steal only the most exquisite of gems. This thief would hang around the diamond district to see who was purchasing a gem, so that later he could pick their pocket. One day he saw a well-known diamond merchant purchase the jewel he had been waiting for all his life…

Master Connection

An Individual Connection to the Master

“Wow, this silence and bliss is so beautiful.” He gets up and says, “I’m going downstairs to make some yoghurt.” So, I follow Him down, and I said, “Why did you do that?” He said, “Where’s your silence now?” I said, “Well, it’s still here.” He said, “This is why I did it.”


Got It !

As I sat there looking at him doing what I could to just be and when the five seconds were over he asked me what happened. I said well I’m just sitting here.  He said, no, no, I told you no thinking. I am sitting here thinking. So let’s do it again.  So we did it again.  At that point I was starting to realize the bottomless pit I…