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Vipassana Island Meditation Weekend

Two days just for yourself to go deep within and meet your essential nature.

Authentic Theater Workshop 

Discover your playful nature! 

Real Change happens by going inside

Before the Vipassana Island Weekend in Hitdorf, John David offered a Satsang Meeting. In this Dialoge he explains that we have to look inside for what we really want.  

Photos of John David’s visit in Italy

John David recently offered three meetings in Finale Ligure, North Italy. 

Gayatri Mantra Concert

The Open Sky Band performing the Gayatri Mantra on the recent Summer Retreat in Spain. 

Darshan with John David

This week the Open Sky Band played at the Darshan Evening. 

Piano Concert at Open Sky House

After a Sangha Weekend with John David in the Open Sky House Bhakti, one of the Sangha members felt so touched and thankful that she gifted us all with a spontaneous concert.

Dialogue about Devotion

In a recent Zoom Meeting Bhakti from Holland was deeply touched by a guided inquiry of John David. A dialogue about the heart.