I am here to support you to live in the NOW. In the present moment stories don’t arise and this gives space in you for enormous amounts of Love and Peace.


Live in Freedom

John David has been offering Satsang since 1997 in many different parts of the world, Australia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and India. 

He is able to pick up everybody where they are on their journey and intuitively sees your conditioned mind structures which prevent you to live in freedom. He can help you to remove these layers.

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08.08. Zoom Online Meeting

28.08. - 13.09. Summer Retreat in Spain

22.09. Vipassana Island Weekend in Germany

Lineage of Masters

Osho - Rajneesh

…was John David’s first spiritual Master. He was involved with Osho’s teachings and the vibrant community in Poona and Oregon for 15 years.

Papaji - Poonjaji

After Osho passed away, Papaji came into his life and just after spending 3 weeks with him, John David experienced a great shift in his consciousness. A strong love for his master made him live with Papaji for five years.  

Sri Ramana Maharshi

The great Indian Saint who lived at Arunachala Mountain in South India has attracted many seekers of Truth. Annually, John David offers a retreat in Homage to Sri Ramana Maharshi in Tiruvannamalai close to Sri Ramana Ashram.