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January 2021 Newsletter

Open Sky

Winter Retreat

We have had an heartwarming and energetic
Winter Retreat this year.
Instead of travelling to Tiruvannamalai in South India, the Retreat took place
at Open Sky House Hitdorf.

Seeing how the Sangha kids flourished in the Winter Retreat, it became clear we want to put our Energy into the...

Open Sky

Free Play - A Space to be

Non School Project

We want to create a...

...Child-led Learning Space

The kids from the Open Sky Sangha are growing into school age. Living with them we see, that as part of a vibrant community they just naturally pursue life, and in doing so, pursue knowledge. We want this natural playfulness and joyful learning to continue, and we would like to share it with more children. Therefore, in the new community in Denia we plan to create a child-led learning space for kids, instead of sending them to the normal school system.

In a Loving Environment

Development and growth can succeed when the environment provides a nurturing ground.  Therefore we like our children to grow up in a strong love field of conscious people. We trust our children to follow their own path of learning and development in joy, when we provide a space for them where they can explore, discover, experience and love, and we are with them with empathy and attentiveness.

with colourful and creative Activity ​

In the community we are a very creative bunch of people. Activities such as music, dancing, meditation, yoga, theatre, construction, caring for animals and cooking have a natural place in our daily life. In this creative atmosphere the children will be supported in going deeper into the activities that they themselves feel most attracted to. Classical school skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic will appear naturally and will be integrated into the learning process.

nested in beautiful nature

This new learning space will be in our Open Sky Villa, located in a quiet and green neighbourhood just outside Denia. We will build an 8-sided pavilion in the garden for about 10-12 kids. Our large, beautiful palm tree garden with swimming pool, only 3 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea and close to the mountain Montgó feels like a perfect place for kids to explore life and learn from actual experiences.

with experienced and inspired teachers

Community resident Rajan will be the leader of the non-school project. He was for many years a school teacher in Norway. From his own experience he knows that life teaches children more than the classroom ever could: I enjoyed being a teacher within the normal state school system. However, I always felt that the rigid structures were limiting many of the students. I feel certain that in our new non-school project the children will be given the opportunity to follow their own impulses and passions, rather than being dictated what to do from external pressure. This will give the children confidence to trust themselves and to trust the natural flow of life.

The Non-School project starts September 2022...

The start of this non-school project will be September 2022. At the moment there are about six Open Sky kids who will then be 6 – 8 years old. The project is open for more kids, whose parents trust the very natural process of delight-directed learning, and are open to engage and offer support.

Feel very welcome to express interest in our project. 
We are happy for all kinds of support and sharing of ideas.

Open Sky


Construction of new facilities for our Communities

Open Sky House Hitdorf

Open Sky House Tripillya