I am here to support you to live in the NOW. In the present moment stories don’t arise and this gives space in you for enormous amounts of Love and Peace.


Live in Freedom​

John David has been offering Satsang since 1997 in many different parts of the world, Australia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and India. He is able to pick up everybody where they are on their journey and intuitively sees your conditioned mind structures which prevent you to live in freedom. He can help you to remove these layers.

Satsang opens your heart and quiets your mind. Everybody is welcome! It`s a space for a deep meeting with yourself beyond roles, thoughts and feelings. A space to reconnect with what is of most value to you, ask your innermost questions and allow yourself just to be.

Most of the time in our ordinary lives, we are not very aware of our essence, and often not very connected to it. Our life is run by desires, fears and goals. The energy of Satsang supports us to focus inside and meet our own source, our true Self. With this deep connection to our being we can be really present for every moment of our life and experience the enormous love and peace which is always there.

Satsang often starts with a brief period of silence followed by a talk or an invitation to ask questions. Everything happens spontaneously. You may participate by simply listening to and absorbing the sense of freedom and peace, or you may choose to become more actively involved in a dialogue with John David.

Breaking News

Breaking News

Open Sky Band ensemble performing the Gayatri Mantra at John David’s Summer Retreat in Denia, Spain – September 2020

Online and at

Open Sky House

19.12 – 08.01



Osho - Rajneesh

With Osho I learnt meditation and the awareness to look inside. He inspired a life-long search for truth and opened up my heart. My everyday life changed dramatically during the fifteen years I spent in his presence. 



Papaji - Poonjaji

The Lion of Lucknow who gave me the greatest gift. Through his Grace, my five years in his presence were years of immense understanding and wisdom. I became a finder. Papajis master was Sri Ramana Maharshi.


Sri Ramana Maharshi

Ramana lived his life on the holy mountain Arunachala, in South India. He is known for Self-enquiry, that by enquiring into the nature of the Self with the question, ‘Who am I’ we can most directly come to Self realisation.

Winter Retreat

Online, New Year Special and Residential

Zoom Online

Bring Satsang into your home

Due to the Corona Situation John David offers an Online Winter Retreat 

2 Blocks

20 – 23 Dec – 4 Satsangs
3 – 8 Jan – 6 Satsang

Satsang every Evening 

and exclusive content

Exclusive Content

Access Pass to Spiritual Films, Yoga Lessons, Meditations and Mantra Concerts  
until 1. February

New Year’s Eve Gayatri Mantra Evening will be Streamed


John David offered his first Online Retreat in May. Responses were highly positive and participants found Zoom to be a surprisingly direct and intimate way to connect with John David and the group. 

It is easy to have a dialogue, ask your questions or simply emerge in the Energy Field of Satsang. 



4 days: 150€
6 days: 225€
10 days: 350€



Mobile and Whatsapp:
+49 174 4646799

New Year Special

Full Online Retreat and 1 week
Residential at Open Sky House


20 – 23 Dec
Online Retreat 
26 Dec – 2 Jan
Residential Retreat
3 – 8 Jan
Online Retreat

Special Price: 800€ 

Make your New Year’s Resolution to stay with your Essence!

Residential Retreat

Join us for the 3 week Retreat at Open Sky House

19 Dec - 9 Jan - possible to come 1,2 or 3 weeks

Give yourself space to withdraw from the patterns and demands of daily life in an energy field of silence, love and creativity. 

Daily Program with Yoga, Mantra Meditation and Satsang

Three weeks with many specials: Cabaret, Workshops, Vipassana and many more

Since 20 years John David is guiding people to a deep meeting with themselves beyond roles, thoughts and feelings.
     He answers your innermost questions and brings you on a journey into your heart, your essence.

Specials of the Weeks

1. Week Celebration

  • Self Inquiry intensive day
  • Christmas Dinner
  • Christmas Cabaret

2. Week Silence

  • Gayatri Mantra Night on New Years Eve
  • Vipassana Island Day
  • Silent Walk along the Rhine

3. Week Creativity

  • Conscious Touch
  • 5 Rhythm Dance Evening
  • Energy Darshan Celebration


1st week: Sat 19 Dec – Sat 26 Dec

2nd week: Sat 26 Dec – Sat 2 Jan
3rd week: Sat 2 Jan – Sat 9 Jan  

Book 1 week = 600€

If you book 2 weeks = 990€
If you book 3 weeks = 1290€
Its possible to apply for a 20% concession


Open Sky House
Rheinstr. 54
51371 Leverkusen


Mobile and WhatsApp:
0049 178 289 0814